Because this is now defunct.

Hello peeps! If you’re still checking out this site, then good on you! Such true friends I have who’d keep up to date with my thoughts. But just so you know, I’ve changed back to blogger, just because the uploading multiple pics are much more convenient there. SO if you’re still keen to catch up with me, do change your bookmarks to this link!


Thanks you guys! 





When would we ever stop, to care and to worry for?

As much as we put our love and hopes, 

whilst ignorance sweeps through and through,

patience runs thin, and we fade.


Do we just stop and let things run their own course?


Of Christmas Randomness.

Just a new test page for my new layout. Do lemme know what you think!

Barely alive

Not of me obviously, I’ve been more than alive all this while, thankyouverymuch. But more of my blog! Its been lying around, barely kept alive with sporadic random posts.So here goes to another random post!


Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Making the best of things.

How time flew and things changed. Back then, for better or worse I do not know. But being back home now and seeing how things have progressed, I know, the life I want is heading the right track.

Perhaps another year of long dreadful wait, I’m definitely looking forward for what lies for me there!

So wait for me!


Almost a month after being back home, perspectives in life do change. The house one called home, is now a cage, in its all physical attributes. Peering through the hardened gates and barred windows, I live in what seemed a house of prison. Like a canary, clipped of its wings, chained to its cage, I could barely feel freedom.


As I walked down streets, it seems I’m exuding an aura, with all signs pointing at me, shouting, “Hey, here’s an easy prey for you!!” Day and night, I am asked to live in fear, and wary of whatever, bad incidents that may happen the next second.


Is this what is called home?

This is Malaysia-lah!

Drivers starts flashing at you along the fast lane albeit you driving at 110kmph. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

Slowly and pathetically, I curse under my breath having to drive through massive pot holes, swerving left and right while going at 10kmph. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

Everyday, our newspaper headlines are filled with our MPs involved in scandals, or slandering each other, whilst provoking the public, so that the opposing parties do not get votes. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

Everyday in coffee shops, we see patrons, chatting loudly of how bad the government is, complaining and critiquing whatever the government is doing, blindly fed with news or hearsay, not bothered investigating the truth of those sources. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

We hear how much the people say the incumbent government should be ousted while electing the Opposition. When polling day comes, no one does so, just because they’d lose their sources of financial gains. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

And during the General Election, the government would win just because there were dirty tricks, the Opposition would win just because they gained enough sympathy. Aiyah, this is Malaysia-larh! 

Of course the best of all, no one would dare voice their opinion unless in riots, just because they would bear repercussions not just on themselves but the whole family. Great. 

And so, this is Malaysia.

I’m a dad of twin one now!

Remember back then when I mentioned that I was expecting delivery to come? {Link}


Well, twin one is here!


Came unexpectedly one fine morning and my flattie picked it up from the mail-man! Thanks Kelv!






Here you go!

My first canvas print arrived!.

Next up Death awaits!